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Resonant Gatherings

Life’s big moments are better when shared with the people we love.


Soothe Your Body, Calm Your Mind


Resonant Gatherings are three-hour group healing experiences that take place in the comfort of your home, or other location of your choice. They create a deep sense of peace and relaxation, while bringing you and your loved ones closer together. Experience the calming, centering, life-changing effects of:

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Acupuncture & Meditation

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Reiki & Energy Healing


Essential Oils & More

No two sessions are alike. Everyone walks away feeling different. I offer these three types of gatherings:


Acceptance & Grief

When someone we love dies, the loss can feel painful and endless. There’s hope. This edition is a chance to grieve with your loved ones, honor those who have passed, and find a way to move forward through the pain.


Joyful Celebrations

Relax with your loved ones before the big day. Enjoy the pleasure of your wedding with relaxation and ease, and make really profound moments out of simple gatherings.


Uniquely You

Give yourself the gift of company and serenity. Have another event you would like to celebrate? Want an excuse to invite people over and make an everlasting memory together? This edition can be tailored to any special occasion or none.

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What Does It Look Like?
Each session is different, but here’s an example of a typical experience:

  • We start by talking about you and the occasion we will be commemorating. I answer any questions you have, get to know you and your preferences, and build a framework for the session.

  • On the day of the event everyone is encouraged to share a little bit about themselves and how they're feeling. I guide everyone through any emotions or sensations that come up, and this is where the relaxation begins.

  • When it’s time, we begin the group healing which can include acupuncture, Reiki, essential oils, sound healing, and a customized guided meditation to deepen the experience of peace.

  • We end by sharing about our experience and honoring our time together with a closing ceremony.

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To schedule a session or for more information, call 610-606-8033.

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